Atlantic Mudskipper

Mudskippers can be great pets, but are not suited for inexperienced fishkeepers. They are best kept in brackish water and prefer a land and water area, since they are able to stay above the water for a period of time.

Periophthalmus barbarusUp to 15 cm
Gulf of Guinea / west coast of AfricaTemperature: 23 – 27 °C
pH: 7 – 8
Salinity: 1.002 – 1.024
Atlantic mudskippers prefer brackish water and an aquarium with a land and water area. Simulating ebb and flow by flooding the land area from time to time is recommended. These ‘fish’ are able to stay above water because they can close their gills and store reserve oxygen in this way. They are highly sensitive to nitrite and nitrates, therefore a well-established filter and weekly water changes are a must. Keep 3 females to every 1 male to keep aggression down and preferably only 1 male per aquarium. Make sure the atmosphere outside the water is very humid and has the same temperature as the water.


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