Bothriocephalus sp.

Today we will show you the Asian – Bothriocephalus sp. – tapeworm. This ‘white filamentous feces in fish’ can have several causes! When you notice that your fish has white feces, you should take a closer look into determining what has caused it.

In our case, on the bottom of the aquarium with discus fish, we found white “feces”, which were the parts of a tapeworm. It is easy to determine if these are indeed worm parts lying at the bottom of the aquarium, just arm yourself with a magnifying glass and carefully look at them. When you observe the segmented structure, any doubts you may have had will disappear: it is a indeed a tapeworm and not feces. But don’t think that your fish got rid of the worms, because the problem is that the worms are still inside the fish and only their segments, stuffed with eggs, are on the bottom of the aquarium. It is necessary to treat the fish and make sure that the worms, which have club-shaped heads, come out of the fish. eSHa gdex comes to the rescue!

As a result of our eSHa gdex treatment, 13 worms with different lengths, came out of this discus! Because of this infection, the fish was also experiencing a lot of stress, swimming frantically and bumping into the walls when people approached the aquarium. When your fish show this type of behavior it is worth looking at what caused it. We have treated this fish and at this time this discus is so relaxed, that it even takes food directly from our hands!


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