Dwarf sucking catfish

The dwarf sucking catfish is a social fish and should therefore not be kept alone. It is a real schooling fish with an established hierarchy. We recommend keeping at least 5 together in the aquarium and preferably 10 or more. These fish are very peaceful and can be kept in a community aquarium.

This species is a real algae eater, therefore keep them in a matured aquarium with a lot of algae. They like densely planted aquariums with lots of hiding places. Be aware that males can be very dominant inside a group.

Otocinclus vittatusUp to 5 cm.
Amazon and Orinoco river, Xingu and Tocantins river in South America, widely distributed from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay to VenezuelaTemperature: 20 – 26 °C
pH: 5,5 – 7,5
These fish will always try and find fellow species, and when danger lures around the corner, they form bigger and bigger groups: stay strong, stand together.

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