Exquisite Firefish

Nemateleotris exquisita, also known as the Exquisite Firefish, is a beautiful, colorful fish with a tall and slender body. It is a species of dartfish which was described from specimens collected in 2013 in the Red Sea, off Mauritius and Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Firefish can be aggressive when kept with others of the same or similar species. Although not proven yet, it is possible that Firefish are able to communicate through their dorsal fin, to alert other fish of potential danger. Since Firefish like to hide, soft sand and decoration that provide hiding spots in the aquarium are recommended. When Firefish are in panic, they prove to be quite good jumpers, so we recommend a tight-fitting cover on top of the aquarium.

Nemateleotris exquisitaMax. 8 cm
Indian oceanTemperature: 22 – 28 °C
pH: 8,1 – 8,4
Salinity: 1.020 – 1.025
Keep one pair of the same species. Very territorial to its own kind but peaceful with other fish. Keep a tight-fitting cover on top of the aquarium because they are known to jump.
Nemateleotris exquisita


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