The guppy is one of the most gorgeous, commonly found little fish in the freshwater community. It is a very popular fish due to its beauty, with multiple various color patterns. It is a friendly fish and has an easy-going nature. Just make sure you do not put them together with aggressive fish that are intrigued by the long tail of the male guppies, because they might be enticed to take a bite.

Hobbyists who have kept guppy’s will recognize this when we speak about seeing your guppies have their first off-spring. That one morning you wake up and get that exhilarating feeling in finding baby guppy fish swimming around in your tank. This is because guppies are live bearing. Before you know it, more are on their way and your tank becomes packed with cute little guppies.

Overall, this is a fun, beautiful little fish that makes a great starter fish for anyone looking to get into the aquarium hobby. Males have more bright colors and longer tails than females, while the females have bigger bodies. Guppies like medium sized aquariums of at least 40 to 60 cm wide, decorated with plants and wood. We recommend to keep 2 to 3 females per male guppy and before you know it you will have a new generation of these wonderful fish swimming in your aquarium!

Poecilia reticulata3 – 6 cm
Middle and South-America, Brazil. In the aquarium trade mostly bred species from Singapore are found!A hardy little fish accepting of a wide range of water parameters:
Temperature: 20 – 28 °C
pH: 7
GH: 10 – 25
You can find guppy’s anywhere, literally almost everywhere: from ponds on balconies to home aquariums to nano tanks and all over the world. From the Americas, where they originated from, to North America, Europe, Africa, Asia etc. Many people have fallen in love with these fish and for a lot of aquarists these fish were the reason they got into the hobby in the first place!


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