Trichodina sp.

Trichodina species are protozoan parasites that can live in species of marine and freshwater fish. Although Trichodina is a relatively mild parasitic disease, it can ultimately lead to the death of the fish. It is very easy to detect under the microscope, just look for a circle with hundreds of cilia around it, which constantly rotates as it moves through the mucus, causing tissues damage. Some species of Trichodina have a preference for the gill, some for the skin, and some parasites both, so always look there first when diagnosing the fish.

Trichodina causes extreme stress, so keep an eye out for fish rubbing against the surfaces of the aquarium and decoration, attempting to scratch off the organisms. Scales may also loosen, which can lead to bacteria infecting the tissue, causing secondary infections.

The best treatment to combat Trichodina is using the same medications as you would use to kill ‘Ich’. eSHa’s EXIT is very effective in treating white spot disease, but also treats Trichodina (and a lot of other problems). It doesn’t contain any copper and is safe to use with shrimp, snails and scaleless fish.

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